Black Velvet, 40% abv

Black Velvet, 40% abv

Black Velvet

This Rye is distilled by Black Velvet in Canada.

Average Score 76

Highest Score 76

Lowest Score 76

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Black Velvet, 40% abv

This whisky is distilled in Lethbridge, Alberta, though originally it was distilled at a Toronto distillery. It is "blended at birth", which involves blending an aged 90% rye whisky (aged 2 years) with corn spirit right off the still before being put into Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels. This whisky is extremely popular in the US - less so in Canada, and can even be hard to find in Ontario. On the nose, fruity rye, with dried fruits, corn notes, and some spicy and grassy characteristics. Fairly sweet on the palate, with more dried fruits, a big hit of vanilla, interesting rye characteristics, and some unpleasant bitterness. Light and cleansing on the finish. Overall, too sweet and lacks depth - but would mix fairly well. For more see:


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