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Whisky Scores

Isle of Jura 21 years old 200th Anniversary

Isle of Jura 21 years old 200th Anniversary, 44% abv

Sherried almonds, fruit and brown sugar on the nose. Caramelized prunes, sweet tangy spices, raisin/sherry on the palate

Pikesville Straight Rye

Pikesville Straight Rye, 55% abv

Sweet rye, cherries and corn on the nose. Smooth, gentle tang, mold cherries light spices and gentle rye notes on the palate. Easy drinking and delightful.

Arran The Devil's Punchbowl Chapter II

Arran The Devil's Punchbowl Chapter II, 53.1% abv

Soft fruit then light floral aromas on the nose. Dried flowers, round, spices, sweet tang on the palate. Well balanced.

Isle of Jura 16 Year Old Diurach's Own

Isle of Jura 16 Year Old Diurach's Own, 43% abv

Sherry, edgy toffee, dried flowers on the nose. Sweet soft fruit medley, apricots, brown sugar, bitter orange zest on the palate.

Springbank 1997 Vintage

Springbank 1997 Vintage, 54.9% abv

Lightly spiced orange marmalade on the nose. Soft tangy citrus, light sherry, lively bittersweet fruit on the palate. Very well balanced.

GlenDronach Grandeur 24 Year Old

GlenDronach Grandeur 24 Year Old, 48.9% abv

Sherry, fruit, almonds, Xmas cake and spices on the nose. Sweet dark fruit, soft tangy fruit, spices, caramel mint on the palate, Rich fruit sherry finish.

SMWS 41.76 Sunshine in a glass

SMWS 41.76 Sunshine in a glass, 60.4% abv

Fruit, floral honey, dry nuts on the nose. Dry bitter lemon tart, almonds, dusty grassy cake on the palate. Light mint finish.

Imperial 1991 Port Wood Finish

Imperial 1991 Port Wood Finish, 40% abv

Fresh raisins, sweet cinnamon, citrus, lemons on the nose. Soft tangy mint, red fruit, spicy apples on the palate. Fruity cedar incense on the finish.

Grant's Distillery Edition

Grant's Distillery Edition, 46% abv

Burnt orange peel and deep rich herbal aromas on the nose. Soft dry grasses, hay then dry fruit on the palate. Medium long finish.