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Whisky Scores

Auchentoshan Bartender's Malt

Auchentoshan Bartender's Malt, 47% abv

Rich red fruit, sherry soaked candied orange peel and cocoa on the nose. Soft, cinnamon, ginger candies and gentle fruit on the palate. A most enjoyable dram.

Longrow 15 Years Old

Longrow 15 Years Old, 56.2% abv

Honey, orange, vanilla and fruit laden peat on the nose. Gentle yet intense sweet floral peat, some vegetal notes, then sweet grass on the palate. Long soft finish. Very easy drinking.

Kilkerran 11 Years Old, Rum Barrel

Kilkerran 11 Years Old, Rum Barrel, 57.7% abv

Bittersweet orange and lemon , raisins and mild tar on the nose. Peated lemon curds, mild honey, touch of earthiness, then floral followed by gentle peat. Sweet dry ginger finish.

The Macallan Gold

The Macallan Gold, 40% abv

Mild, sweet brown sugar, caramel and hint of smoke on the nose. Sweet fruit, caramel and mild spices on the palate. Medium short finish. Straightforward and pleasant dram.

Royal Brackla 1970, 19 Years Old

Royal Brackla 1970, 19 Years Old, 40% abv

Brown sugar, then light grass and sherried fruit on the nose. Caramel, brown sugar with fruit undertones on the palate.

Amrut Spectrum 004

Amrut Spectrum 004, 50% abv

Dry sherry, almonds, cocoa and smoke on the nose. Chewy tobacco, sweet smoked kippers dominate the palate. Long seaside peaty finish.

Compass Box - Magic Cask

Compass Box - Magic Cask, 46% abv

Red fruit, vanilla, spices and toasted almonds on the nose. Chewy soft spices, lovely fruit medley with hint of madeira on the palate.

Balvenie Peat Week, 14 Years Old

Balvenie Peat Week, 14 Years Old, 48.3% abv

Soft honey, mild peat aromas then light smoke on the nose. Lovely light fruit, mild earthy peat followed by sweet floral notes on the palate. A delightfully light, sweet smoky dram.

Kavalan Concertmaster Port Cask Finish

Kavalan Concertmaster Port Cask Finish, 40% abv

Rich red fruit, raisins, soft marzipan, almonds and stewed strawberries on the nose.Sweet prunes, figs,cherries and caramel on the palate. Mild, lightly spiced dry finish.

Canadian Club 100% Rye

Canadian Club 100% Rye, 40% abv

Sweet corn then rye and spices, caramel and chestnuts on the nose. Lovely fruit and white pepper on the palate. Mild pepper on the finish.