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Crown Royal Private Cask

Crown Royal Private Cask, 51.3% abv

Cherries, corn, fruit, sweet cinnamon, rye, caramel and buttered roasted almonds on the nose. Sweet syrupy mouthfeel. Intense bourbon, caramel and spices with lovely rye notes on the palate. Tangy dry cherries on a medium long finish.

Lagavulin 2014 Distillers Edition

Lagavulin 2014 Distillers Edition, 43% abv

Sweet floral aromas followed quickly by peat, caramel and dark fruit on the nose. Soft, round fulsome mouthfeel. Peaty plum pudding, sweet oak, light smoke and a bit of saltiness on the palate. Lovely long soft peaty fruity finish. Very well balanced.

Braunstein E:4 2012

Braunstein E:4 2012, 60.9% abv

Fruity, cocoa, warm caramel smoke, spices, licorice and wintergreen on the nose. Fulsome round mouthfeel. Sweet leather, fruity tobacco, hint of floral peat and toffee on the palate. Well balanced. Butterscotch and dry cocoa on a long finish.

Talisker 15 Years Old, Special Release

Talisker 15 Years Old, Special Release, 57.3% abv

Apples, rich floral honey then salty caramel on the nose. Luscious smooth rich mouthfeel. Intense yet gentle fruit with honey, spices, nutmeg and hint of cocoa on the palate. Wee smoke, spices and salty caramel on a long lingering finish.

Talisker 175 Anniversary

Talisker 175 Anniversary, 45.8% abv

Slow to open then sea breeze, oakum, spices, roasted chestnuts, peat and cigar smoke on the nose. Thick syrupy mouthfeel. Fruit, spices, soft smoke, sweet peat with a touch of light sherry on the palate. Sweet smoke on a gentle medium finish.

The Singleton of Glen Ord 18 Years Old

The Singleton of Glen Ord 18 Years Old, 55% abv

Apples, light spices, white fruit medley, pears and caramel on the nose. Oily mouthfeel. Lovely apricots, spices, thick floral notes, dried citrus then a touch of tobacco on the palate. Dry, sweet fruit and spices on a long finish. Delightful.

Oban 14 Years Old

Oban 14 Years Old, 43% abv

Seville oranges, hint of ginger, lovely warm citrus jam aromas on the nose. Rich creamy mouthfeel. Salty orange caramel, fruity, ginger and cardamon notes on the palate. Gentle jammy citrus on a medium long finish.

Cardhu 12 Years Old

Cardhu 12 Years Old, 40% abv

Floral, almonds, oranges and sweet oak aromas on the nose. Rich smooth mouthfeel. Dry fruit, honey, vanilla then strong hay and dry grasses followed by a hint of milk chocolate. Light sweet lemon drops on a medium short finish.

Johnnie Walker 18 Years Old

Johnnie Walker 18 Years Old, 40% abv

Sweet floral aromas, fruit, almonds, light spices, honey and vanilla on the nose. Gentle round mouthfeel. Lovely fruitiness with ginger notes on the palate. Dry vanilla edge on a medium finish.

Ardbeg Supernova 2009

Ardbeg Supernova 2009, 58.9% abv

Sweet fruity peat and smoky vanilla aromas on the nose. Luscious peaty fruity mouthfeel. Amazing floral notes, sweet smoky peat, superb honey and tar with delightful spices on the palate. Soft tar, sweet honey and peat on a long gentle finish.