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Whisky Scores

SMWS 4.181 A muscle man from Orkney

SMWS 4.181 A muscle man from Orkney, 54.6% abv

Fruit laden light Christmas cake, incense, then butterscotch and sherry on the nose. Plums, figs, red berries in a sweet sherry sauce, brown sugar on the palate. Very well balanced. An absolute delight.

SMWS 55.46 Complex Layers of fruit and wood

SMWS 55.46 Complex Layers of fruit and wood, 58.1% abv

Fruit, dried apples, mild vanilla with a touch of rubber/sulphur on the nose. Lovely tangy tart fruit, Mac apples and spices on the palate. Dry finish.

Glen Scotia 18 Years Old

Glen Scotia 18 Years Old, 57.2% abv

Almonds, sweet sherry and raisins on the nose. Lovely salty caramel, raisin fruit tart, mild sherry on the palate. Long fulsome sweet dark fruit finish. A delightful subtly intense easy drinking dram.

SMWS 93.74 A class apart

SMWS 93.74 A class apart, 55.4% abv

Rich caramel butter, bourbon BBQ sauce and mild peat on the nose. Raisins in a tar sauce, sweet fruit, smoke and ever present peat on the palate.

Glen Scotia Cask #67

Glen Scotia Cask #67, 57.2% abv

Lovely spices, light sherry, fruit and then sweet pine forest aromas on the nose. Fruit, spices, light sherry with mild sweet soft peat undertones on the palate.

Tobermory 21 Year Old

Tobermory 21 Year Old, 53.8% abv

Dates, figs, fruit, caramel, mild butterscotch and oranges on the nose. Sweet caramel, plums, spices, fruit drops on the palate. Dry soft butterscotch finish.

Bunnahabhain 12 years old

Bunnahabhain 12 years old, 46.3% abv

Light plums, caramel and sweet cedar on the nose. Buzzy mouthfeel, rich, buttery and dark fruit on the palate. Minor edginess on the finish.

Ardbeg An Oa

Ardbeg An Oa, 46.6% abv

Sweet seaweed, floral tar, almonds and fruit medley on the nose. Soft oak, mild spices, gentle peat with fruit undertones on the palate. Very easy drinking. A delight!

SMWS 4.229 Volcanic jam

SMWS 4.229 Volcanic jam, 60.3% abv

Rich vanilla, apples, ashes and mild smoke on the nose. Incense, spices, gentle citrus then butterscotch on the palate. Luscious long soft spices, sweet cedar ashes on the finish. WOW!

Auchentoshan Distillery Cask #34

Auchentoshan Distillery Cask #34, 59.9% abv

Cocoa, vegetal, grasses and vanilla on the nose. Soft spices with a touch of sherry then fruit and cocoa notes on the palate. Lovely fruity zing on the finish.