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Eagle Rare 10 years old

Eagle Rare 10 years old, 45% abv

Light spicey caramel and toffee with hints of solvent/nail polish on the nose - which I find very pleasant. Sweet, light and with a mouthfeel that resonates with sweet candied fruit. Coconut on a medium long finish.

Oban 18 years old

Oban 18 years old, 43% abv

Soft floral notes with light spices and oranges on the nose. Lovely soft yet character laden presence with spices. Very well balanced. An exceptional dram

Grant's Family Reserve

Grant's Family Reserve, 40% abv

A very good whisky for its price.

Benromach 21 years old

Benromach 21 years old, 43% abv

Dry grasses dominate at the outset followed soon after with whiffs of sugars, sweet malt and nuts - pecans maybe. There was a dry light tang on the palate. A well balanced whisky with a long dry finish.

Poit Dhubh 8 years old Praban na Linne

Poit Dhubh 8 years old Praban na Linne, 40% abv

This blended malt is put out by Proban na Linne (The Gaelic Whisky Company) located on the Isle of Skye. Bold and peaty with ripe figs and spicy oak on the palate and a lingering sherry finish.

Benromach 10 years old

Benromach 10 years old, 43% abv

Rich hay with spices and apples and a whiff of peat on the nose; cereal, whiff of peat, smoke and a wee bit of bacon on the palate; lovely well balanced medium finish.

Benromach Organic

Benromach Organic, 43% abv

Apples at the outset with light smoke, cinnamon and nuts on the nose - most pleasant. There is a hint of mint caramel with floral notes on the palate. It ends with a touch of peat and dried flowers on a medium long finish.

Midleton Very Rare 2009 Bottling

Midleton Very Rare 2009 Bottling, 40% abv

Starts off with a light fresh meadow aroma and then moves to tropical fruit on the nose. Toasted candied almonds come forward on the palate. The finish is soft, sensuous and light with a hint of melons. Delightful.

Connemara Sherry Finish, Limited  Edition Small Batch Collection

Connemara Sherry Finish, Limited Edition Small Batch Collection, 46% abv

A blend of Cooley whikies, aged 5 - 15 years finished in sherry casks. Moderately peated, the palate started off wish a rich caramel taste and progressed to a long vanilla-like finish. A difficult whisky to get ahold of, I would gladly buy another bottle, if I could.

Dalmore 1263 King Alexander III

Dalmore 1263 King Alexander III, 40% abv

Lovely rich earthy sugars to start on the nose. Then it moves disappointingly to a light almost dry and soft nothingness. Great promise that was unfulfilled. Should have been bottled at 46% in my view.