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Forty Creek John's Private Cask No. 1

Forty Creek John's Private Cask No. 1, 40% abv

Sweet asparagus at the outset the fades away into nuts and lightly spiced angel cake. Vanilla, oak and light sweetness emerge on the palate.along with varnished ground pepper. There is a pine forest sensation on the finish. Delightful.

Glengoyne 17 years old

Glengoyne 17 years old, 43% abv

Fruit and raisins gently stewed in sherry on nose. There is a wee hint of banana loaf as well. Lovely mouthfeel with apple compote, light pine and spices. Very well balanced. (Great recommendation from Robert Throckmorton)

Forty Creek Double Barrel Reserve

Forty Creek Double Barrel Reserve, 40% abv

Wafts of sweet soft pecan pie aromas greet the nose. The palate is treated to mild rich & spicy grass in a soft and well balanced manner. A very easy drinking dram. Lots of nuts, almonds peacans and walnuts. A wee hint of pine on the sweet finish.

Glengoyne 10 years old

Glengoyne 10 years old, 43% abv

Dry honey aromas with some oak on the nose. Sweet gentle velvety yet heavy grass notes on the palate. A straightforward dram. It is what it is.

Century Reserve Lot 15/25

Century Reserve Lot 15/25, 40% abv

Initial notes of honey then moves to delightful light savoury arromas. Velvet spices on the palate - amazingly smooth with great presence. Soft grassy finish. V4$

Wiser's Legacy

Wiser's Legacy, 45% abv

Lovely gentle absinthe aromas on the nose - an alpine meadow come to life. The ultimate in a savoury bourbon. Exceptionally well balanced, light with some fresh grass notes. Medium long finish. A real surprise and delight. True V4$ at $50 CDN

Canadian Club Dock No. 57 Spiced Whisky

Canadian Club Dock No. 57 Spiced Whisky, 40% abv

Vanilla notes with faint hint of mint/spicy pine sap on the nose. Moves to a sweetish digestif on the palate with touch of licorice on the finish.

Glenfiddich 12 years old Special Reserve

Glenfiddich 12 years old Special Reserve, 40% abv

Banana trecle, whisky macerated fruit with almonds on the nose. Round almond grass cake on the palate. Straightforward, well balanced. V4$.

Canadian Club Premium

Canadian Club Premium, 40% abv

Spicy oils, grasses, dry fruit cake greet the nose in a pleasant somewhat understated fashion. Soft light ginger dominates the palate again in an understated way. It is "there" but almost too softly. Still a very pleasant sipping dram for those of a lighter persuasion.

Canadian Club Classic 12 Year Old

Canadian Club Classic 12 Year Old, 40% abv

Rich Xmas pudding, ginger, almonds on the nose. The palate is treated to a hint of dry grass with caramel and toffee. Initially there was a wee edge but it faded away. Need to go back to this one a few more times. Not sure I got entirely what it has to deliver. It is very good.