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Whisky Scores

Dalmore Cromartie 1996

Dalmore Cromartie 1996, 45% abv

Rich sherry nose followed by soft fruity notes on the palate. A very easy drinking dram with a spicy finish.

Benromach Hermitage Wood Finish, Distilled 2001

Benromach Hermitage Wood Finish, Distilled 2001, 45% abv

Smoky with fresh bacon notes on the nose. Rich sweetness with peat smoke and fruit on the palate. Long finish.

Glenturret 16 Years Old

Glenturret 16 Years Old, 58.4% abv

Spicy fruits on the nose. Then, licorice and allspice follow on the palate. Lovely vanilla notes linger on a long finish.


Lammerlaw, 49.5% abv

A real surprise. Licorice and light spices on the nose. An easy drinking dram with spices and a bit of mint on the palate. Medium finish.

Craigellachie 10 Years Old

Craigellachie 10 Years Old, 46% abv

Fresh fruit and honey on the nose. Candy floss sensation on the palate. Simple, good presence with a sweet grassy finish.

Glenrothes Alba Reserve

Glenrothes Alba Reserve, 40% abv

Vanilla cream cookie aromas on the nose. Lovely spiciness mingles with the vanilla. The finish is light and soft. A very good dram for sipping and contemplating.

Wemyss - Ginger Compote 1996 15 years old

Wemyss - Ginger Compote 1996 15 years old, 46% abv

Fresh bananas and tropical fruit dominate the nose, These flavours continue on the palate with some spiciness added. A gentle tang pervades this dram.

Ardbeg Feis Ile 2011 Pedro Ximinez 13 year old

Ardbeg Feis Ile 2011 Pedro Ximinez 13 year old, 55.1% abv

Dark brown sugar in colour. Cinnamon spread on toast aromas greet the nose with a sweet peat follow through. Beautifully soft yet full-bodied peat on the palate. Toffee froating and roasted sherry notes continue on a long finish. A WOW dram.

Kilchoman Machir Bay

Kilchoman Machir Bay, 46% abv

Green asparagus and smoke on the nose. LIght smoke followed by peat on the palate. Simple, solid dram with a peaty finish.

Bruichladdich X4+3

Bruichladdich X4+3, 63.5% abv

Apples and pears emerge on the nose followed by a dampness sensation. Dried raisins with hint of nutmeg come forward on the palate. Suprisingly light medium finish.