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Whisky Scores

Bunnahabhain 12 years old

Bunnahabhain 12 years old, 46.3% abv

Sherry, brown sugar and sweet tobacco on the nose. Rich, heavy, sweet tar and mild smoke on the palate.

Tomatin 12 years old

Tomatin 12 years old, 43% abv

Mild vanilla, banana, fruit medley and malty on the nose. Fresh light fruit, wee sherry on the palate. Well balanced.

SMWS 29.179 Tarry ropes on a wooden boat

SMWS 29.179 Tarry ropes on a wooden boat, 51.6% abv

Soft tar, sweet fruity and floral smoke on the nose. Cherries, peat and gentle smoke on the palate.

SMWS 1.190 Smoky Chipotle Blody Mary

SMWS 1.190 Smoky Chipotle Blody Mary, 56.2% abv

Tropical fruit, marmalade and dry smoke on the nose. Soft sweet oak, caramel and spices on the palate.

Compass Box - Oak Cross

Compass Box - Oak Cross, 43% abv

Stewed fruit, light spices on the nose. Tangy fruit moving to gentle spices with a hint of cloves on the palate.

Compass Box - Great King Street Glasgow Blend

Compass Box - Great King Street Glasgow Blend, 43% abv

Rich, light smoke and sherry aromas on the nose. Gentle peat, smoke and sweet fruit compote on the palate.

Glenmorangie Original 10 years old

Glenmorangie Original 10 years old, 40% abv

Floral, oranges and lightly spiced marmalade on the nose. Tangy fruit, spices on the palate. Simple with presence.

The Balvenie Port Wood 21 years old

The Balvenie Port Wood 21 years old, 40% abv

Soft candied fruit, sweet light Xmas cake on the nose. Gentle apple and pear compote on the palate. Delightful and so easy to drink.

Tomatin 18 years old

Tomatin 18 years old, 46% abv

Soft spices, fruit and cinnamon on the nose. Tangy soft fruity caramel, gentle spices and milk chocolate on the palate.

Compass Box - Hedonism

Compass Box - Hedonism, 43% abv

Corn, honey and soft fruit varnish on the nose. Creamy corn, light bourbon, vanilla, gentle wheat on the palate.