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Whisky Scores

Invergordon 1974, 43 Years Old

Invergordon 1974, 43 Years Old, 42.7% abv

Rich sweet corn and caramel on the nose. Delightful candied floral notes and spices on the palate. Long luscious sweet grain finish.

Canadian Club 20 years old

Canadian Club 20 years old, 40% abv

Bourbon rye aromas, cherry varnish, red fruit, apples and sweet vanilla on the nose. Smooth then edgy red fruit candy on the palate. Wholesome bittersweet finish.

Haig Club, Grain Whisky

Haig Club, Grain Whisky, 40% abv

Honey, wheat aromas, melons, fragrant vanilla perfume and sweet red fruit on the nose. Bittersweet fruit, honey, smooth mouthfeel moving to sweet spicy tang on the palate. Cloying sweetness on a short edgy finish.

Johnnie Walker Pure Malt 15 Years Old

Johnnie Walker Pure Malt 15 Years Old, 43% abv

Fruit, dry grasses, spices, melons, vanilla and honey on the nose. Spices, sweet red fruit, honey with ever present mild spices on the palate. A smooth and delicious dram.

Alberta Springs 10 Years Old

Alberta Springs 10 Years Old, 40% abv

Rich rye, almonds and caramel on the nose. Sweet burnt brown sugar, fruit, mild rye spices on the palate. Delightful rich sweet rye spices on the finish.

Century Reserve Lot 15/25

Century Reserve Lot 15/25, 40% abv

Heather, mild rye spices, light cherries and almond on the nose. Intense rye honey, mild soft spices and ruit on the palate. Gentle rich round floral notes on the finish.

Arran 20 Years Old, North Star

Arran 20 Years Old, North Star, 51.9% abv

Light fruit, pine forest and orange vanilla on the nose. Mild bittersweet tangy fruit, floral mist, on the palate. Dried flowers on the finish.

Glenglassaugh 5 Years Old

Glenglassaugh 5 Years Old, 54.6% abv

Rich sherry, sweet caramel and floral butterscotch on the nose. Rich, soft light ginger, caramel, sherry and brown sugar on the palate. Mild sweet Oloroso varnish finish.

Bunnahabhain 15 Years Old, Old Particular

Bunnahabhain 15 Years Old, Old Particular, 48.4% abv

Floral perfume, lemon lime vanilla and fruit on the palate. Gentle sweet fruit, light delightful spices, salted caramel sauce on a light Christmas cake on the palate. Long soft caramel finish. Amazing.

Cambus 1991, 25 Years Old, Berry Brothers and Rudd

Cambus 1991, 25 Years Old, Berry Brothers and Rudd, 57.1% abv

Licorice, anise, spicy fruit and caramel on the nose. Luscious, rich dry caramel, light smoke, soft sweet corn notes on the palate.