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Whisky Scores

SMWS 42.15 Oscillations of Light and Shade

SMWS 42.15 Oscillations of Light and Shade, 58.6% abv

Fruit, dry floral bouquet and caramel on the nose. Mild pepper and soft tangy spices with a hint of fruit on the palate.

SMWS 46.42Yummy Scrummy

SMWS 46.42Yummy Scrummy, 58.3% abv

Fruit cake, nuts and candied peel on the nose. Floral insence, rich round mouthfeel on the palate. Soft tangy finish.

Tullibardine 20 Year Old

Tullibardine 20 Year Old, 43% abv

Soft, grassy oranges, citrus and red fruit jam on the nose. Gentle fruit, soft mild spices on the palate.

John Jacob Rye Whisky

John Jacob Rye Whisky, 40% abv

Sweet caramel, corn spices and butterscotch on the nose. Sweet ginger toffee on the palate.

Port Charlotte 10 Year Old

Port Charlotte 10 Year Old, 50% abv

Rich smoky marmalade, jammy fruit on the nose. Red wine grapes, light smoke, fig cake on the palate. Spicy tang finish.

SMWS 10.85 Live life on the edge

SMWS 10.85 Live life on the edge, 55.8% abv

Rich, carmel fruit then floral bouquet on the nose. Citrus, lemon jam, sherry fruit and spices on the palate.

SMWS 35.145 Lost in the desert

SMWS 35.145 Lost in the desert, 57.6% abv

Candied fruit, Turkish delight, red wine gummies on the nose. Sweet mild spices, red fruit, oily and chewy on the palate.

Compass Box - The Peat Monster

Compass Box - The Peat Monster, 46% abv

Floral and fruity peated shortbreads just out of the oven on the nose. Sweet gentle peat and floral smoke on the palate.

Canadian Club Sherry Cask

Canadian Club Sherry Cask, 41.3% abv

Minty sherry, apples, corn and spicy vanilla on the nose. Soft gentle fruit, mild spices, rich sherry infused brown sugar on the palate.

Bunnahabhain Stiuireadair

Bunnahabhain Stiuireadair, 46.3% abv

Rich dark fruit, fresh limes and mild salt on the nose. Salty toffee, white pepper, maple syrup and brown sugar on the palate.