Benromach Organic, 43% abv

Benromach Organic, 43% abv

Benromach Organic

Score 85

Average Score 82

Highest Score 86

Lowest Score 73

# of Times Scored 10

This Single Malt is distilled by Benromach in Speyside.

Tasting notes:

Malty cereal, citrus and vanilla on the nose. Fresh white fruit, pears, floral, pepper on the palate. Light fresh finish.

  • Benromach Organic, 43% abv

    Malty, light fruit, soft vanilla perfume, citrus and licorice on the nose. Round edgy fruit, young, light peppery note on the palate.


    Benromach Organic, 43% abv

    Flowers, chocolate, citrus, sweet pulpy oranges on the nose. Oily, tangy honey and fruit syrup on the palate.


    Benromach Organic, 43% abv

    Light dry raisins and wee smoke on the nose. Soft, gentle, resinous, creamy and vibrant vanilla on the palate. Creamy finish.


    Benromach Organic, 43% abv

    Fresh fruit, toffee, oak and bananas on the nose. Soft, dry, floral vanilla and cinnamon on the palate. Simple, pleasant.


    Benromach Organic, 43% abv

    Orange rind and butterscotch on the nose. Light honey, vanilla and spice on the palate. Mild, light tangy finish,


    Benromach Organic, 43% abv

    Solventy then stewed red fruit and orange notes on the nose. Soft spices with gentle grasses on the palate. Well balanced.


    Benromach Organic, 43% abv

    Aged in virgin American oak. Drinkable but not my type. A bit harsh. Probably the virgin oak.


    Benromach Organic, 43% abv

    Light spices with incense and a wee bit of smoke on the nose. Delightful fresh floral and cereal notes on the palate. The finish continues on the theme of floral notes and mild smoke.


    Benromach Organic, 43% abv

    Apples at the outset with light smoke, cinnamon and nuts on the nose - most pleasant. There is a hint of mint caramel with floral notes on the palate. It ends with a touch of peat and dried flowers on a medium long finish.


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