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Johnnie Walker Double Black

Johnnie Walker Double Black, 40% abv

Lightly smoked caramel, sweet peat with mild oak aromas on the nose. Light sweet peaty mouthfeel. Initial tanginess then mild peat, fruit, fruit and caramel notes on the palate. Very sweet peat infused medium finish.

Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 Years Old

Johnnie Walker Black Label 12 Years Old, 40% abv

Heavy, thick, grassy caramel and almonds on the nose. Smooth oily, malty mouthfeel. Fruit, mild tang, spices, salty nuttiness and light smoke on the palate. Soft yet heavy fruit with wisps of smoke on a medium finish.

Kilchoman Summer Release 2010

Kilchoman Summer Release 2010, 46% abv

Sweet lemon tar, coastal peat marsh aromas on the nose. Soft tarry mouthfeel. Gentle light tar, mild citrus notes, hint of licorice and dry peat on the palate. Medium tarry citric finish.

SMWS 71.47 Citrusy spicy whisky lassi

SMWS 71.47 Citrusy spicy whisky lassi, 60.5% abv

Apples, light citrus, lime followed by grassy aromas and creamy honey on the nose. Spicy, grassy mouthfeel. Dry, lemon lime zest, white pepper, hot spices and citric honey on the palate. Medium long citric spicy finish.

SMWS 35.135 A pure stoater

SMWS 35.135 A pure stoater, 55.9% abv

Rich, intense, sherry, sweet spices, toffee,, candied flowers and licorice on the nose. Buttery, lightly spiced mouthfeel. Caramel, coffee, rum, pomegranates and red fruit notes on the palate. Luscious, rich fruit laden medium long finish.

Locke's 8 Years Old

Locke's 8 Years Old, 40% abv

Orange blossoms, honey, pears and soft spices on the nose. Soft orange zest mouthfeel. Smooth, mils spices, floral notes and honey on the palate. Lovely citric notes on a medium finish.

Wiser's Last Barrels

Wiser's Last Barrels, 45% abv

Rich sherry aromas, warm fruit compote, almonds and vanilla on the nose. Lovely soft buzzy mouthfeel. Heavy creamy red fruit, soft spices, cherries and vanilla on the palate. Soft chewy cherry buzz on a medium finish.

Teeling 16 Years Old, Single Cask

Teeling 16 Years Old, Single Cask, 54.6% abv

Spiced pear juice, cloves, apples and honey on the nose. Soft yet edgy pear mouthfeel. Tangy white fruit, lovely spices, then edgy citrus and honey on the palate. Medium edgy pear finish.

Glenfarclas 15 Years Old KWM

Glenfarclas 15 Years Old KWM, 56.6% abv

Intense dry red fruit, cinnamon, ginger and lovely sherry aromas on the nose. Smooth sherry fruity mouthfeel. Touch of tropical fruit, cocoa, sherry infused Christmas cake and soft spices on the palate. Complex. Fulsome rich medium finish.

Orkney Islands 21 Years Old, Berry Brothers & Rudd

Orkney Islands 21 Years Old, Berry Brothers & Rudd, 53% abv

Floral, white fruit, honey, mild rich citrus marmalade aromas on the nose. Gentle oily citrus mouthfeel. Mild lemon lime peat, honey, salty with citrus smoke on the palate. Lovely spices, citrus peat on a medium long finish.