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Compass Box - Spice Tree Extravaganza

Compass Box - Spice Tree Extravaganza, 46% abv

Demerara sugar, sherry, honey, fruit laden vanilla and soft oranges on the nose. Luscious, rich sweet fruit medley, soft spices, zesty citrus jam on the palate. Long gentle spices and fruit on the finish.

Compass Box - Spice Tree Extravaganza

Compass Box - Spice Tree Extravaganza, 46% abv

Spices, red fruit medley, melons, honey and citrus marmalade on the nose. Mild zestiness, rich fruit, sweet, soft white pepper notes on the palate. Spicy fruit, intense finish.

Dailuaine 2004, Cadenhead's

Dailuaine 2004, Cadenhead's, 55.9% abv

Light almonds, citrus lime jam and edgy honey on the nose. Honey, rich malt notes, fruity tobacco and lime on the palate. Dry rich floral finish.

Ben Nevis 21 Years Old

Ben Nevis 21 Years Old, 54.8% abv

Sweet citrus, red fruit and lovely spices on the nose. Brown sugar, crisp fruit on the palate. Medium long finish.

Tomatin 1982, 408

Tomatin 1982, 408, 57% abv

Rich orange aromas, cocoa and zesty sherry on the nose. Lovely fruit, lemon and lime zest, starts off edgy and then becomes smooth and luscious. Long soft fruit laden finish.

Port Charlotte 16 Years Old

Port Charlotte 16 Years Old, 59.7% abv

Sweet, dry red fruit, oranges and chocolate on the nose. Round, citrus zest, mild peat, cocoa and fruit on the palate. Two dimensional palate and finish.

Compass Box - Oak Cross

Compass Box - Oak Cross, 43% abv

Fruit, honey, almonds, apples, mild vanilla and caramel on the nose. Zesty yet round mouthfeel. Tart fruit, Granny Smith apples in a spicy syrup on the palate. Some soft dry grasses on the finish.

Glenfiddich 13 Year Old Cask 12662

Glenfiddich 13 Year Old Cask 12662, 60.5% abv

Spicy ginger pears, fruit, minty caramel mist on the nose. Warm and intense ginger and nutmeg with dry spicy vanilla on the palate. Long luscious warm soft finish.

Secret Islay, Kilnaughton

Secret Islay, Kilnaughton, 55.5% abv

Sweet barley, citrus, peat, fruit bread on the nose. Citrus, chocolate, spices, mild peaty mint on the palate.

Ardmore 1998, Gordon and MacPhail

Ardmore 1998, Gordon and MacPhail, 43% abv

Oranges, bittersweet fruit and peanuts on the palate. Mild peat, sweet orange pastry, soft smoke on the palate. Two dimensional.