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Whisky Scores

Gibson's 12 Years Old, Canada's 150 Edition

Gibson's 12 Years Old, Canada's 150 Edition, 40% abv

Mild, soft sweet rye, caramel, light oak on the nose. Fresh caramel, candied apples on the palate.

Ninety 20 Year Old

Ninety 20 Year Old, 45% abv

Light corn, dry rye, grasses then flowers on the nose. Soft rye, vanilla, creamy light spices, hint of mint on the palate. Smooth easy drinking delightful whisky.

Wiser's 35 Years Old

Wiser's 35 Years Old, 50% abv

Light rye and dry caramel on the nose. Sweet, dry hay, corn on the cob juices on the palate. Lovely long sweet spicy finish.

Canadian Club 20 years old

Canadian Club 20 years old, 40% abv

Soft corn, cherries and light spices on the nose. Vanilla, rye spices, gentle smooth mouthfeel on the palate. Gret presence; cherry corn pop finish. Love it!

Wiser's 18 years old

Wiser's 18 years old, 40% abv

Spicy caramel, hint of mint and spices on the nose. Light, lovely spices, mild rye and caramel on the palate. Exceptionally well balanced long sweet fruity finish. Luscious.

Canadian Club 100% Rye

Canadian Club 100% Rye, 40% abv

Sweet corn then rye and spices, caramel and chestnuts on the nose. Lovely fruit and white pepper on the palate. Mild pepper on the finish.

Glann ar Mor Only Rye

Glann ar Mor Only Rye, 46% abv

Cereal, spices, floral mahogany and green malt on the nose. Baked bread, candied zest, mild medicinal notes and a hint of soap on the palate. Young.

Canadian Club Classic 12 Year Old

Canadian Club Classic 12 Year Old, 40% abv

Rich caramel, sweet roasted almonds with a hint of cloves on the palate. Round mouthfeel, sweet, light spices moving to tartness and a bit of edgy fruit on the palate.

Lot No 40

Lot No 40, 43% abv

Spicy rye bread then nutty spearmint on the nose. Spices, edgy caramel and a bit rough on the palate. Nice dry finish.

Knob Creek Rye

Knob Creek Rye, 50% abv

Rye, cherry, apples and spices then honey and sweet grasses on the nose. Strong tangy cherries on the palate. Dry edgy finish.