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Whisky Scores

Millstone Dutch Single Rye Whisky, KWM

Millstone Dutch Single Rye Whisky, KWM, 53.2% abv

Candied orange peel, sweet citrus, mint and lemon on the nose. Spices, Manhattan cocktail, citrus, fruit with sweet licorice notes on the palate.

Royal Canadian Small Batch

Royal Canadian Small Batch, 40% abv

Mild, light floral aromas then fresh red fruit and light spices on the nose. Mild, spicy sweet cherries on the palate. Sweet dry spices and grassy finish.

Canadian Club Dock No. 57 Spiced Whisky

Canadian Club Dock No. 57 Spiced Whisky, 40% abv

Dry rye spices, sweet dessert bread on the nose. Super sweet, candied fruit, faint rye spices on the palate. Cloyingly sweet finish. A liqueur to pour over vanilla ice cream.

Century Reserve Lot 15/25

Century Reserve Lot 15/25, 40% abv

Fresh corn, light fruit, mild rye spices on the nose. Sweet gentle rye, soft sweet spices on the palate. Silky mouthfeel. Short spicy finish. An aperitif.

Forty Creek Barrel Select

Forty Creek Barrel Select, 40% abv

Corn smoke, sweet caramel and vanilla on the nose. Silky, sweet corn, popcorn and mild dry spicy syrup on the palate.

66 Gilead Crimson Rye Whiskey

66 Gilead Crimson Rye Whiskey, 47% abv

Sweet oak cherries, light spices, wine infused raisins on the nose, Red fruity caramel, vanilla, mild spices and simple cherry notes on the palate.

Park Lane 1946, 25 Years Old

Park Lane 1946, 25 Years Old, 40% abv

Gentle rich almonds then dry off notes on the nose. Velvety smooth spices, creamy vanilla then flattens out on the palate, almost as if it were tired.

Canadian Rockies Aged 21 Years

Canadian Rockies Aged 21 Years, 46% abv

Light fresh cherries, warm bourbon vanilla sauce on the nose. Sweet vanilla custard then red fruit, light cherries on the palate.

Ninety 20 Year Old

Ninety 20 Year Old, 45% abv

Sweet corn, light spices, dry nuts on the nose. Corn bread with licorice, soft corn and silky spices, sweet rye bread on the palate.

Wiser's 18 years old

Wiser's 18 years old, 40% abv

Chestnuts, fruit, licorice, mild sweet corn, toffee and vanilla on the nose, Soft sumptuous spices, sweet red fruit, cotton candy on the palate. Great fulsome finish.