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Whisky Scores

The Irishman Founders Reserve

The Irishman Founders Reserve, 40% abv

Apple compote, vanilla, warm light spices then herbal aromas on the nose. Initially smooth moving to bittersweet fruit with a buzz saw tang on the palate. Simple soft mildly bitter finish.

Compass Box Extravaganza

Compass Box Extravaganza, 46% abv

Sherried fruit, spices, candied melons, hint of citrus then lime followed by caramel and milk chocolate on the nose. Rich sherry delight, sweet almond, fruit and spices on palate. Delightful soft fruity tang on the finish,

The Infamous 22 Year Old

The Infamous 22 Year Old, 50% abv

Citrus, dry grasses and mild vanilla on the nose. Wwell rounded, spices, fruit, light sherry, tangy fruit crreams on the palate. Dry, dusty fruit finish.

Compass Box - Three Year Old Deluxe

Compass Box - Three Year Old Deluxe, 49.2% abv

Rich fruit with vanilla on the nose. Complex fruit flavours with clean fresh peaty notes. Dry finish.

Compass Box Extravaganza

Compass Box Extravaganza, 46% abv

Caramel, burnt sugar and honey on the nose. Complex medley of white and red fruit, mild spices on the palate. Luscious finish.

Compass Box - Flaming Heart

Compass Box - Flaming Heart, 48.9% abv

Fruit, smoke and mild ginger on the nose. Creamy mouthfeel, mild peat, spices and red fruit on the palate.

Compass Box - Enlightenment

Compass Box - Enlightenment, 46% abv

Creamy fruit, vanilla and mild honey on the nose. Chewy fruit, light spice, soft pears and mildly nutty on the palate.

Compass Box - Great King Street Glasgow Blend

Compass Box - Great King Street Glasgow Blend, 43% abv

Dry sherry, red and dark fruit medley on the nose. Fruit infused gentle smoke on the palate. Well balanced.

Prince Dougal's Dram

Prince Dougal's Dram, 46% abv

Floral barley, wee honey and fruit on the nose. Wholesome dry fruit with mild tang on the palate.

SMWS R1.4 Get the juices flowing

SMWS R1.4 Get the juices flowing, 66.2% abv

Spices, rum and molasses on the nose. Dry spicy prunes, dark fruit, tangy chocolate and red licorice on the palate.