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Ardbeg An Oa

Ardbeg An Oa, 46.6% abv

Candied peat with rich fruit on the nose. Sweet earth, followed by deep stewed fruit medley on the palate. Long light smoke on the finish.

Bowmore 15 Years Old

Bowmore 15 Years Old, 43% abv

Sweet light peat, hint of caramel on the nose. Lovely light dry peat, sweet mild smoke with a hint of oak on the palate. Medium finish.

Bowmore No 1

Bowmore No 1, 40% abv

Dry, dusty, light oak and very mild peat on the nose. Hint of dry peat, very mild fruit, light smoke on the palate. Short finish.

Glenrothes Vintage Reserve

Glenrothes Vintage Reserve, 40% abv

Light sherry and red fruit aromas on the nose. Soft, gentle luscious fruit and mild spices on the palate. Lovely and V4$.

Macallan Classic Cut

Macallan Classic Cut, 58.4% abv

Sherry, fresh fruit and soft chestnut aromas on the nose. Tangy, spices, dry oak and sherry notes on the palate. Long finish.

SMWS 4.181 A muscle man from Orkney

SMWS 4.181 A muscle man from Orkney, 54.6% abv

Plums, red fruit, mild sherry, light dry spices on the nose. Gentle spices, red berries, buttery, brown sugar and dry fruit on the palate. Medium soft dry sherry and fruit on the finish.

SMWS 4.229 Volcanic jam

SMWS 4.229 Volcanic jam, 60.3% abv

Vanilla, sweet lemon, lime custard pie then melons on the nose. Tangy, bittersweet citrus, spicy vanilla, soft fruit, apples, dry soft oak on the palate. Medium edgy fruit finish.

Lagavulin Islay Jazz 2017

Lagavulin Islay Jazz 2017, 57.6% abv

Oranges, sweet peated white fruit and pears on the nose.Tangy, creamy sweet peat, vanilla and oak smoke on the palate.

Lagavulin Islay Jazz 2016

Lagavulin Islay Jazz 2016, 54.5% abv

Peat varnish, fruit, vanilla, honey then cedar wood smoke on the nose. Gentle peat with red fruit and mild peat notes on the palate. Soft smoke on the finish.

Lagavulin Feis Isle 2017

Lagavulin Feis Isle 2017, 56.1% abv

Fruit, marmalade, mild tar, stewed red berries and smoke on the nose. Mellow, creamy, fruit, mild barley notes on the palate. Long soft finish. Delicious.