I have been enjoying whisky for over 25 years, and figured it was about time I learned a lttle more about the intricacies and lexicon of tasting. What better place to learn more, as well as record and share my whisky experiences than!

Location: Canada

  • Glen Deveron 20 Year Old

    Glen Deveron 20 Year Old, 40% abv

    Nose: lavender with acetone overtures, grassy, freshness Palate: very smooth, light viscous with sweat peat, subtle warmth, long lingering finish

    Canadian Club Sherry Cask

    Canadian Club Sherry Cask, 41.3% abv

    Nose: Sweet toffee and grassy notes with subtle whisps of iodine Taste: Smooth soft and subtle to start, toffee and tobacco that melts into a light grassy/floral bouquet. Smooth throughout its journey, with a sweet caramel-chocolate and leather finish

    Dry Fly Wheat Whiskey

    Dry Fly Wheat Whiskey, 40% abv

    Nicelybalanced combination of sweet and spicy on the nose with tobacco and licorice root, black pepper, vanilla and iodine. Very smooth and subtle and sweet and oily initially, complex in its spiciness and peppery warmth with hints of vanilla Warm and sutle, but lingering spicy finish.

    Balcones Texas Single Malt

    Balcones Texas Single Malt, 53% abv

    Nose: very sweet, pears and berries with an ever-present acetone and oakiness Palate: sweet and woody (iodine oaky flavour), fruity with some sharp black current high notes

    Masterson's Straight Rye Whiskey 10 years old

    Masterson's Straight Rye Whiskey 10 years old, 45% abv

    Nose: spicy sweet caramel, fresh grass with a hint of licorice Palate: sweet and full-flavoured with grassy notes. Caramel quickly followed by spices and onion. Finish is spicy, but smooth, long and lingering.

    The Famous Grouse Black Grouse

    The Famous Grouse Black Grouse, 40% abv

    Smoky, sweet, oily tar with a bit of pepper on the nose. And it tastes much the same, but it tastes good (go figure!?) Smoky, peaty, but relatively smooth on the tongue, viscous and oily in texture with a long sweet cola-like finish.

    Bruichladdich The Organic

    Bruichladdich The Organic, 46% abv

    With a bit of water Nose: strong ripe chees, caramel apples, and, oh yes, peat! Taste: wonderfully smooth and sweet despite a strong peatiness, some slightly spiced/peppered caramel throughout, lingering mild finish

    Mortlach Planeta 18 years old Adelphi

    Mortlach Planeta 18 years old Adelphi, 46% abv

    Caramel, grass and leather on the nose. Wonderfully complex, seems to have layers of flavour. Really knows how to make an exit: long sweet, smooth finish with hints of cinnamon

    Isle of Jura 21 years old 200th Anniversary

    Isle of Jura 21 years old 200th Anniversary, 44% abv

    Spiced caramel and vanilla, sweet and spicy with some smoky notes on the nose. Smooth and soft with a zesty lingering finish. Full body, but not at all imposing. Spice, cinnamon with a pleasant caramel sweetness.

    Glenrothes Vintage 1995

    Glenrothes Vintage 1995, 43% abv

    Dry sod and iodine on the nose. Little presence on the tongue, which seems to say "hi" in the middle then offers a long, warm, dry, earthy and tingly finish at the back. A bit of water opens honey and herbal/floral on the nose and a fuller body and less dry on the tongue.

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